Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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Interview with Oh She Wonders, Anuja Shukla

Biography becomes Biology..I am, a dancer, a choreographer, an environmentalist, a director, a little bit of Polish blood, a little bit of you, a passionate poet, a conscious atom reflecting the many facets of life. 

The heart is rich or poor, and my heart is a thick, rich red, thanks to my friends, my family and my love of the universe.

Bee. A b, c, see, sea; an open being and receptive channel.  Artistic Director. Teacher. Film Maker. Producer. Photographer. Translator. Views Life + Work Experience as Teachers.  Traditional. Unconventional. Bi-lingual. (Guardian of a universal message for peace.)

Bianca Brzezinski
 is a traveller, abandoning the notions of space and time to explore the imagination and how it contributes to the creation of our lives.  She founded Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater in 2010, a psycho-somatic approach to conscious evolution and healing through movement.  She has designed creative movement curriculum for children, teens and the elderly with autism and dementia.  

A creative explorer at heart, Bianca is inclined to move through the world with an open mind and imagination; an independent spirit who co-creates within her environment and believes everyone has a right to dance their own adventure.  She based ‘Dance Your Own Adventure’ off her favorite book series as a child, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure,’ so her dances have multiple perspectives, reminding people of the infinite possibilities in life.  

 As a survival method, movement is her tool for self-expression, exploration and profound intelligence.  She finds movement necessary in keeping an open mind and heart towards other cultures and pre-conceived notions.  Throughout her worldly travels, Bianca has been dancing.  She refers to the movement of her life as the process and guidance of her being.  Regardless of the place, she is constantly reminded that her ‘home’ is within her body, and she can adapt to any environment.
Bianca's intention is to encourage audiences to question their freedom and authenticity.  She investigates ideas of our innate emotional intelligence to advocate for the need to be true to our internal rhythms.  As an international artist, she has performed in Poland, France and Turkey.  Culturally, she was raised in a Polish community in the United States.  She sees movement as a universal language that communicates and expresses emotion to create meaning, life and a way to alter pre-conceived notions about what it means to be a live part of consciousness.  
When Bianca first began teaching, a student asked her why she wanted to be a teacher.  She answered, because I see myself through you.  The power of becoming resides in a positively charged core.  There is no standardized way to measure the full capacity of a persons being until we can create an open and more compassionate world view where people are allowed to express who they truly are.

Polish roots: Dzienkuje ze znam dwa swiaty.  Translation: I'm grateful for living in a world of two, (ten, 100) cultures.

Introducing our Graceful collaborator

Adele Thurston
 grew up moving around the country, and the momentum has influenced her career as an artist varying in discipline and style. 
She holds a B.A. Cum Laude in Drama with her focus primarily in Contemporary Performance from SFSU in California. She trained with Fools Fury Physical Theater Ensemble learning the techniques of Suzuki and Viewpoints. Other significant teachers include Maureen Fleming, Mary Overlie, and Judith Malina with The Living Theater.
She has recently relocated from New York back to the Bay Area to launch Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater Company with director and choreographer Bianca Brzezinski. 

As an actor, dancer, poet, invigorated by expression in different interactive mediums, she aspires to connect with  an'other'sartheart and create a conversation supported with openness.  Celebrating the vast potential for interpretation, Adele is inspired by grace and play in improvisation and storytelling.

Meet the original co-founder
Rachel McCray 

Rachel graduated from Mills College with a Bachelor of Arts in dance- 2009.  Rachel is outspoken, cheerful, hard-working, organized, funny, smart and a cheerleader for the ArTs!
Rachel and Bianca have been traveling on the same path of discovering dance methods and experimenting since 2007 while at City College of San Francisco.  
They joined forces after graduating and began Opal St.  Rachel moved to the East Coast to purse company management and has returned once again to re-board the ship of Opal Street to set sail & create collaborative work to inspire change, growth and spontaneous combustion of a joyful re-loveution!  Rachel teaches the Daily Method in San Francisco and currently works for Margaret Jenkins Dance Company.

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