Dis Self

A study from the subconscious mind.  Deep analysis of self and dreams has led me to believe that the development of a sense of self is essential to humanity's growth.  With abuse and/or neglect, a child can become lost in the world of their own emotions, unable to establish a clear sense of identity.  Reality and dreams are one and the same thing, however, in the subconscious mind, when we dream, we allow the subconscious to express it's truth through imagery.  Separation from one's self can cut off the circulation between mind, body and spirit.  A process of this loss is broken down by distancing, disassociating, and finally, disembodiment.  As in dreams, I want to explore not the rational goals of human activity but what blocks these pursuits, the impediments that give human life it's richness, it's agony, and it's lessons.

Choreography:  Bianca Brzezinski
Dancers;  Peiling Kao, Rachel McRay, Jochelle Perena
Music: William Fritch

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