Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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The way one moves through life is perhaps slow motion of how one dies ones death.

The premier of Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater, in collaboration with The New Arts Alliance, a chamber music ensemble. http://newartsalliance.com/

October 7th and 8th
@ The Garage, 975 Howard St., SF, CA Between 5th and 6th streets in the Soma district. http://975howard.com/

Sharing the evening with Joy Prendergast, Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater has it's first full length debut!! You do not want to miss this!!!

Featuring live music composed by Josh Friedman and musicians Meerenai Shim, Yuri Liberzon, and Kassey Phlaha.
Dancers Amy Hougen, Rodrigo Caldera, Dannia Ciolo, Katherine Karr, and Kasia Kugay.
Artistic Direction by Bianca Brzezinski.

Tickets will be available online at http://www.brownpapertickets.com,
or at the door, $15-20.

Non self simply refers to the death of the ego, letting go of our need to be something other than what we already are, letting go of control, trusting ourselves, and allowing ourselves to just be. It is about taking a journey back to our original nature, and stripping ourselves of our delusions, fears and pain. We will compare and contrast the hectic, modern world with the sacred, simplistic and natural world. We will work on finding peace within and feeling safe in the world around us. Focus will be on finding the freedom to live and the fear not of death.
The final work will culminate in the symbolic expression that arises from the collective consciousness of the dancers, their human stories and internal landscapes created by body, mind and spirit as a whole.
I've gone through continual self growth, renewing my sense of self many times throughout my life, only to discover that it is only through death, allowing change and being non resistant to the flow of life that I’ve been able to be my truest, most authentic self. A non self that dies every second, that is present, that is nature itself embodied through me and in me.
We ARE the consciousness of the earth.

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