Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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Richard Warp
Sound Designer

Richard Warp is an award-winning composer, sound designer, producer and interactive music curriculum developer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His work ranges from traditional chamber ensembles to conceptual works using live electronics, field recording, tape and scientific instruments, as well as a wide variety of commercial projects.  This broad exposure has given voice to a unique aesthetic that belies his roots in both classical and contemporary styles, as well as his keen interest in the intersection between music, technology and science.

Kasia Krasnopolska

Kasia is a dance yogi and visual artist. She received her BA from SFSU. 
Kasia believes movement is the best way to maintain a balanced mind and a healthy body; working with the body continues to be a rewarding and fascinating process for her.  
Kasia and Bianca connected through their love of art, dance and their common Polish roots. 
Here is a dose of Kasia's paintings, where her dream world spills over and through the canvas:

Sasha Gupta

Sasha Gupta began dancing in the womb. She danced a slow, visceral organic dance, slipping in and out of conciousness.  She graduated from UC Berekeley with a BA in Economics and performed professionally as a troupe member with American Dance Theatre in Las Vegas. She tightened, focused, fought- until one day she cracked.  Her pieces pilgrimaged to the holy cities of ancient India, where she studied yoga intensely for the next five years.
Some of her work followed her Kung Fu master to Durango, Colorado, where she trained Phillipino combaton with the trees, earth and sky. The last pieces of her stayed in a warm studio, making shapes and stretching- staying tight, yet yearning for her embryonic dance of innocence.

Katherine Kugay

Katherine (Kasia) Kugay has written poetry and danced since childhood. Her artistic focus nests in the personal infinite; she uses improvisation and meditation to access her unique expression. In addition to the mediums of poetry and dance, she composes music and sings. At Mills College she earned a BA in cognitive psychology and English literature while working in prestigious labs at UT Austin and NYU. Since graduation, she has studied massage and shamanism; her burgeoning inclination is to use her scientific understanding of psychology to develop holistic therapies. Kasia sees incredible potential in facilitating self-expression as a means of emotional release for artists of all skill levels, and uses this vision in the development of future programs under Opal Street's umbrella. Her poetry can be found at blissresearch.com.

Rodrigo Caldera

Rodrigo Caldera studied various forms of dance while obtaining his B.A. in Psychology from San Francisco State University. He witnessed, first hand, the healing power of movement and community; integrating the physical, mental, and social spheres into one. His desire for self-expression and quest for the intersection of psychology, dance, and performance brought him to Tamalpa Institute, a movement based Expressive Arts Therapy program, unearthing the personal and communal stories living in his body. Rodrigo joined Opal Street Improvisational Dance Theater in 2011, diving into the world of improvisational dance theater. He continues to expand his awareness of the Body, and works with others to find expression through movement and the exploration of their unique body mythology, as a Tamalpa Practitioner [in training].
Sample of Rodrigo's creativity-

Dannia Ciolo

Dannia Ciolo received her B.A in Theater at California State East Bay in 2011. She has trained under Nina Haft, Erica Kupers, and Laura Ellis. As a choreographer and performer, Dani hopes to inspire younger generations to express their voices on stage. She has discovered that as a diverse performer she enjoys working with various companies, such as: MEnD Dance Company, Opal Street Improvisational Dance Theater, and the Sarah Bush Dance Project.

Amy 'Tomi' Hougen

Amy Hougen hails from Southern California. She moved to San Francisco to pursue her dreams of improvisation and art, working under the tutelage of Anna Halprin, along with teachers Marie de la Palme and Linda Sohl-Ellison. "Dance, is the only art form in which we (ourselves) are the essence of which it is made..."
For her, exploring movement is the greatest connection with life because it is a means to expression, healing, and self-discovery.  She currently works as a doula, receiving life into this world.  

Ana Richardson Ma

Ana Richarson's passion for dance has been insatiable since taking her first dance class in jazz. Her love for dance has extended itself to other forms of dance including classical Indian, ballroom, flamenco, contact improvisation, modern and ballet. Dance for Ana is not just a professional endeavour but a way of life.

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