Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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Space, Emotion, Spirit, Mind
I like to broaden my horizons by doing things I haven’t experienced before. So when I saw a listing for a free dance-theater improvisation workshop, offered by San Francisco Bay Area choreographer and Mills College alumnus Bianca Brzezinski, I jumped on the opportunity.
Every Friday in May we met in a small black-box theater in San Francisco, where for two hours we did a series of improvisation exercises that inspired movement. Being a non-dancer, this workshop gave me the chance to explore dance without being caught up in the technique of movement. My imagination and my everyday gestures were viable means to exploring my body in space, my body moved by emotion, and my body confidently and securely connected to spirit and mind. I learned to trust my impulses and use “mistakes” as an occasion to do movement differently. I learned to deeply listen.
Speaking about doing improvisation, Brzezinski says, “My body leads me to discover things about myself through movement because motion expresses emotion, and sometimes it’s hard to confront your emotions face to face. Dance releases you.”
During our final workshop, I made a discovery when we did a free-writing exercise for a minute, read over each participant’s text, and then selected a phrase to create movement to. I chose, from another participant’s free-write, “Why my angel?” In my first round of a two-minute solo, I spoke the words and my movement was broad; however, I wasn’t focused because I was feeling self-conscious.
After receiving feedback from Brzezinski and participants, in the second round I internalized the phrase, making small, delicate, and boxed movements and facial expressions that articulated distress. I was communicating through my body a sadness ripe with creative energy. It was quite amazing!

Something beautiful and real came from me that Friday evening, something that made me know myself wholly as a dancer. —Arisa White, Editorial Assistant

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