Dance, Improvise, and Play!

Classes beginning in April, 2012.
@ The Happiness Institute, 1720 Market St.

Wednesdays, 7-9 p.m. $12.

Now registering!
Sign up @-
Dance Improvisation places the emphasis on the imagination and the symbolic nature of images. Taking the natural every day movement of your body and expanding on it through impulse and intention, dancers explore their own bodies in a relaxed state of being, finding deeper communication between the mind and the body. By building awareness of one's movement an individual can then make clear, conscious movement choices. Not only can a dancer sense new movement possibilities, they can free themselves of habitual ways of moving. By seeing and feeling, we will explore listening to our bodies and expand on our experience of moving, noticing how we generate movement and what gives us reason to act. We will work as individuals and in groups, to expand our awareness of our direction and space. We will focus on free improvisation and advance to structured improvisation. All levels welcome. Please wear clean socks to class.
Feel free to contact me at for additional information.

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