Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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This coming weekend isn't just for jazz festivals and leftover fireworks. Daria Kaufman,Bianca Brzezinski, and musician/composer Richard Warp pool their talents into "Channels", an evening featuring original dance theater, and live electronic music and piano.
The trio's "ARTI ULATE" which was excerpted at last week's opening celebration of the Dance/USA conference, highlights this program. Kaufman and Brzezinski explore the trials and tribulations of dealing with and overcoming communication barriers "while struggling to convey one's inner world within the limits of conventional language." Warp's sound score heightens this discourse, and the three tumble forward together toward "a new form of language."

What: Channels: an evening of cross-disciplinary performance

When: July 6-7, 8PM

Tickets: $10-15 (sliding scale)online or at the door, as available
Also on the program is Brzezinski's solo, "Non-self" (from the Buddhist term "annata"), which delves into the often-ignored subjects of death and impermanence. In the movement study, Brzezinski peers into life's never-stopping and intangible moments that permeate our existence and catalyze change, revolution, and metamorphosis, whether wished upon or not.
"When looking at death as a transformation, we can begin to sense our lives as a form of consciousness that dwells within all beings --a non-self that dies every second, that is present, that is nature itself embodied, consciously renewing itself."
"Channels" runs for two nights only.
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