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“Crosscurrent” is an evening of shorter pieces, including “ARTI ULATE,” which unravels communication barriers, “Non-self,” which explores Anatta, the Buddhist term for not-self, “Take off your coat, love,” inspired by the writings of Michael Cunningham and Virginia Wolf, a reprise of Kaufman’s solo “Product,” and a special guest performance from Peiling Kao’s “Imprint.”
Bianca Brzezinski, Daria Kaufman and Richard Warp

Daria Kaufman and Bianca Brzezinski
ARTI ULATE at NohSpace
Drink Selection: “The Dead C.” Come on peopleread what’s missing here.  Tequila (clear), Licor 43, lime juice and cinnamon.
Fri-Sat, Apr 19-20, 8pm; $10-20
Don't leave me alone at the show! 
The Garage, 715 Bryant Street, San Francisco,
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Music composed by Richard Warp,

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