Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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Adele Thurston


My name is Adele.
I am a tall red head who lives like a poem.

I am delighted by color, enthused by small details, and find myself in awe of all people/places/things unafraid to be; existing wholly. 

I am a dreamer who thinks about thinking, light, shadow, playfulness, intention, structure, composition, meaning, and with fervor, I engage in forms where these sentiments can be explored.

Adele Thurston grew up moving around the country, and the momentum has influenced her career as an artist varying in discipline and style. She holds a B.A. Cum Laude in Drama with her focus primarily in Contemporary Performance from SFSU in California. She trained with Fools Fury Physical Theater Ensemble learning the techniques of Suzuki and Viewpoints. Other significant teachers include Maureen Fleming, Mary Overlie, and Judith Malina with The Living Theater. She has recently relocated from New York back to the Bay Area to pursue the performing arts and launch Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater Company with director and choreographer Bianca Brzezinski. As an actor, dancer, poet, invigorated by expression in different interactive mediums, she aspires to connect with the other and create a conversation supported with openness.  Celebrating the vast potential for interpretation, Adele is inspired by grace and play in improvisation and storytelling.

Adele Thurston
Dancer, free-spirit, bi-coastal partner with Opal Street.

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