Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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Photography captures the poetry we live

Dance begins inside the breath
 Motivated by an openness

Photo by Anuja Shukla

Play grounds

 Energy in motion
Austin Dickey Photography in the Redwoods

 A calling
  To witness
 The moment exists
 An internal awareness
 An opportunity
 Of conversation
 Of infinite potential
 An invitation of spontaneous response
 Of play
 Exploring the unknown
 By creative listening
 Thinking monumental thoughts
 Of transformation
 Half observation, half perception
 Looking outward
 From a ready state 
Floating in a rhythm unseen
Of presence  
 And playful consciousness
 Leading the story
 Sharing the sensation
Carving out a space
 Naming an intention
 Adapting within 
with nature
like an eagle

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