Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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to exist in harmony with nature 
Open Presence Allows Love
Open, playful presence allows an awareness of listening.


Bianca Brzezinski founded Opal Street Dance Improvisation The-art in 2010, a non-affiliate, grass roots organization, to express the creativity and communication of consciousness and allow transformation.  A psychophysical practice, which promotes world peace through universal, artistic collaboration with others and the landscapes of our symbolic world, it demonstrates our innate ability to connect and our infinite potential as a species.
Movement is a universal language based on compassion, adventure, and exploration.  Exploring inter-personal journeys and discoveries of our structures, cultural histories and the ways in which we create meaning through our ability to stay free by staying present, we strive to present a creative formula for the future of humanity to utilize their fullest creative potential in a positive way.

Exploring the psychophysical landscapes of the past and the future by pre-sensing our ability to keep our awareness of both, we can become an observer and active participant simultaneously to create harmony and balance.  We recognize the 4th dimension as a place of comfort and safety for the world of imagination to roam free and explore the power of an imagined nation, free from judgment, division and ‘cellf’ doubt. 

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Trust is the power
 Doubt is the control

One can-not exist 

Without the other
Responding and reacting= 
Resonance to our environment
Between the dark and the light

We see width and expansion through our eyes 

We weave the patterns of our lives

Please excuse our 'appearance' while our site undergoes an upholstering :P

Bucket List: 
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