Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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NYC Adventure with Collin Huggins and RJ Roush, Opal St. DIT(1)

Type I call y, I wood censor sense or since oar and revise this free write I'm about to spill and share openly. Please watch, read and interact with this story in whatever order you choose. I'm sorry and not to all those who disagree. I'm grapeful to those in support. When I saw this video I immediately thought to edit and make it 'better,' DIFFERENT, and I will do that because editing is choreography, my passion, and one p•int of 'Dance Your Own Adventure,' to include different perspectives. However, I remember that I forget. I forget to look inside myCellf to know the power that already exists inside of me. Searching for it i(o)n the outside is a miss- ion of being seen. See me? Prove to me I exist! Being One with all and individuals, we have a raw and a refined nature, co-created by our enviroments and our experiences. This is the raw verse-ion of @theraw_rj and I's NY adventure, from my angle, using a camera phone from down low.

Being like a leaf, believing, to be living, is subtle, simple, and a constant dance between choosing how to react to your experience. Floating, allowing yourself to be tousled by the wind, feeling all of it, and being carried by the current I find keeps me light hearted. While visiting NY with @theraw_rj, free roaming the streets, flute and body instrument ready, we stumbled upon fellow extraordinarly passionate musician, player @colinhuggins.nyc and were swept up in his verse-ion, vision, and interpretation of a piece by Philip Glass. WOW! Colin, remind us of what this piece is called, please. A name is a mean-ing, re-arranged. I appreciate the liberty and inspiration the Arts grant each other. Being in relation with other artists we get to jump on different ships and traverse each others landscapes, backgrounds and ideas, see the circling bicycles? I injoy this form of sharing, especially living in the details.

The wind is dancing and howling with us. I judged our movements hard at first, as I could inevitably judge and rewrite, right, these words, though then they'd disappear all together as they all eventually do, though they'd circle 'round again. As a 'professional...' Oh yeah, profess! Dancer! wanting to be known for at least knowing what grace is, I fid it in this raw form. It's this hummman who brings a baby grand piano into the streets to provide the people and the buildings with music. It's the details of the shirts, received by main sponsor Mom, blowing in the wind and the biclcyists silliest circling us like birds, and the adventure of how we got here et all. It's the depth this man pours into this song that I can't remember the name of but nevertheless is a reminder of how music and art is timeless and it reminds us of our boundless nature. RJ and I got the opportunity to express, imagine, and interact our per(sonal)(sonnet) form an ce, see each other. Moving together we touched each other and some people willing to watch. This is my meaning, value and association of performance. He used to play for the ballet. Colin is amazing. Let's be gentle with y+ourCellves this holi day season. Yes it's a da zee e and yes it's hard to be with family sometimes and YES just keep trying to say Yes even when you want to scream NO, and when enough is enough just say zo! I think my strong willed and I'll opinionate,d momma taught me that.

I smash my grammar of past present future all tofugether though I'm just blending and rhyming and having fun while writing. Ah. And hum, did I ever say what an incredible DNAcer this human next to me is???? As a sappy sass note ~when we fi re SF t began talking about dance and being aroused by each others need to experience the world and bravely travel, Phillip Glass quickly became a household name between us, so this is special to me. Thank you for being with+in my life. Learning so much, I wish there were no i o(r) u's sometimes, I or You to be clear and seperate, since my metaCellf is prone to philosophizing, though otherwise there would be no experiences and no different perspectives to bounce off of and really no heART. We DO owe each other the time to emit and be to gather conch is ness. Thank you for reading, if you approach it playfully it's more than a mis- take mis spell. If you've comedian this far, blesSings and nice cheer this 'Year.' :) ...because I like acronyms, Y? Ear. Listen. If you can empathize with this story, please check out my Patreon, the link is in the bio. A lot of thought and time goes into this project and I'd really appreciate it. It wood help to forge more adventures and share them on a grander scale. Here's to music, dancing and cheer! May we all find a bit more freedom in our heARTS and our minds. Peace. My piece is all ways a part of yours in some ways, waves. Much love.

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