Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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Celebrating Anna Halprin's birthday and Mt. Tamalpais
The Pods is a site specific dance installation that explores themes of nature, birth and transformation. The Pods has been performed and filmed at several locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This video highlights the performance created for dance pioneer, Anna Halprin's 95th Birthday Celebration in July 2015.

Directed by Lesley Chapman, photography by Rick Chapman

 at MacArthur BART Station, Oakland, CA 

Genie gentrified, free in the dust, it's galactic home. Geniune genie genesis generally genderizes genitals and gentle generous giants. Geowander, get lost. Go, give up, grade G= grand goliath genious. Grizzly, glorious peaks break the scales, pour the fire from your Soul back in the Earth. Birth beginnings. Live with+in your enviroment, see it's giving nature. Die to transform. Come back. Wake Up or Down, choose. Dream. Beg(g)in', be- in ggreatness, in the smallest, grandest ways. God's dog's will thank you, generously gregarious. Pour forth giving in+to this Uni-versal song. Come in, metaSpirit. Welcome home
Going mad? (Authorian politics General-ly cause stress in this Game, creating global gravity towards ghostly, growling greed.) 
Going GeniOus (Go out, grow, play. Receive the greatest Presen(t)ce, being.here.now. Gift withu.s.all (y)our common denominator- powerful, creative consciousness, griefless expression of giggling gold available to all, aGreed? 

Film produced by 'Big Bird, Phillip Price.' Co-edited by BB's. Check out who-how this man saves Elephants, Geowandering.org.  

Please, kindly, thank you.  https://m.facebook.com/phil.price.106
Free the imagination towards healing~ www.opalstreet.wordpress.com 
Bringing life back to abandoned spaces;
Transforming the world into our stage and engaging community  through the performance of our 'Cellves.'

A project to save 200 acres of trees and farmland at the abandoned Lambertson property in Old Bridge, NJ.
Nature adapts, envelopes and nurtures the house.

A2RE DocuMEnTAry
'A second life'
 Re-imaging the potential of a lost battery site atop of Hill 88 in San Francisco, CA.
This is only a test
Part 1 of a Film Series

a blast from the past into a new future
the NOW
featuring Adele Thurston
Bear all inhibitions and imagine a world
of play fighting.
featuring Rodrigo Caldera

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