Pop up dance theater

Pop up dance theater
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Access the imagination
 improvisation & indulgent play

A discovery beyond space and time to access our unique, infinite potential through movement sharing and creation, where we abandon all sense of ego and dive deeper into the stillness of our hearts and our 'Cell'ves to inspire one another.  


The Experience
Dancing is an ancient form of healing and feeling your feels. Sense the wonderful relationship you have with your body. Connect with yourself and others on a deeper level. Using visualization techniques and improvisation exercises, participants will find a fun way to interact with their bodies and others. Embracing the dance within encourages outward expression. Heal parts of yourself that may have been dormant for a long time by moving through them in a playful and soft way. Realize that your biology is shaped by the way you move through this world, and gain a stronger sense of awareness within your environment. 

Participants develop higher concentration, the ability to tune into one's bodily wisdom, and gain a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves in their bodies.  The Buddhist concept of Anatta- non-self is the base from which we will explore in our meeting times.  Non-self simply refers to the death of the ego structure, letting go of our need to be something other than what we already are, tuning in to our perceptions, and allowing play and drama to arise from a centered Space.
Focus will be on finding the freedom to live and the acceptance of death through creative expressionHave the courage to be yourself and have fun. 

Remember, all we have is this moment.
Through this experience, you'll access your internal guidance system, innate wisdom, and imagination to achieve wholeness, connecting the body, mind and spirit. Your body functions as a whole form of conscious intelligence. Seeking translation of internal processes and attuning them to the highest resonance, through outward expression you will create language and gestures to communicate through movement. Here's to a memorable and joyful time together.

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Perfect for corporations, retreat settings, and community building. Dance experience is NOT required. The workshop focuses on the healing aspects of movement that encourage participants to seek answers and flow from within, asking us to engage each other and our enviroment with the sense of love and respect for the whole.  How do you interact with your own movements in relation to the Other? What does it feel like to move your body, create space to stretch, stop, and engage the free spirit you were born to be?
"I realized movement is…everywhere." 
 -Student from San Jose State University, 'Performance as Practice' Communication Studies 

Move into your unlimited potential!

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